Change delivered

From vast strategic programmes to individual one-off projects, managing any kind of technology change demands the right resources at your disposal. We’re here to make sure you have them.

We are a specialist IT consultancy offering the capability to deliver your strategy without diverting internal permanent resource, turning to traditional agency resource or relying on expensive SI resource.

Working by your side as a project partner, we offer control, quality assurance and cost-effectiveness. Above all, we offer talent to meet your strategic needs – whether it’s a retained team or fully-managed project delivery.

You set the standards, we meet them. You set the direction, we manage the details. And if your needs change along the way, our service can adapt and scale to suit.

Service Offering

For companies requiring greater capablity to deliver their strategy, there are several options:


Why Be-IT?

We’ve spent a decade at the leading edge of technology recruitment: we know the top talent tailor made for your project.


How does it work?

It all comes down to a robust but flexible model that ensures a quality-assured resource in place when and where you need it.


What do you need?

Just as every organisation has its aims, every project has its demands. We have the specialist understanding you need.

Even at the forefront of innovation, digital transformation relies on the human element. Deploying the technical talent to meet exacting standards and achieve your goals, we’re experts in the process, people and the delivery – ensuring you can manage strategic change with control and confidence. It’s just what you need in a project partner.