Specialist Project Resourcing

When delivering your strategy demands the hours and the skills internal resources can’t offer, we can act as your project partner – installing and managing the resources to get the job done.

We know that every project offers its own unique demands and that, no matter how clear the picture on day one, requirements can change along the way. So you need a managed service that’s both reliable and flexible – robust enough to provide quality resources, scalable enough to adapt to shifting needs.

How do we do it?
Well, it’s about the professionals we know, the processes we develop and the tools we use. But above all, it’s about a collaborative approach – working as your partners. Together, we can better understand your specifications and goals, then find the resourcing solution to match – with the pricing model, SLA and milestones that suit your needs.

Your partner through every step

We provide a flexible service, designed to adapt to different sectors, needs and goals. But it’s built on a tried and tested approach, honed by our large-scale project delivery and technical resourcing experience. Whether it’s a strategic portfolio, programmes of work or an individual project, we’re ready to offer the input and support you need to deliver the contracted outcomes.

A comprehensive scoping exercise, creating a framework for delivery
Laying the groundwork for onboarding, reporting and knowledge management
From compliance to engagement, with expert support as the project progresses
With completion comes evaluation and our tried and tested knowledge transfer process

Quality Assurance

Less risk, more confidence

Our approach to quality assurance starts well before the point of engagement. Because our service is built on our vast resourcing expertise, giving us a deep-rooted market knowledge that few others can claim. In short we know the high-calibre talent for your project.


Background checks, from Right to Work and credit checks, to employment history and references.


Tracking performance across all parties in the supply chain to ensure we meet SLAs and regulatory standards.


Regular audits for non-compliance, with investigation and resolution training where needed.


Regular compliance reporting to meet contractual and legal requirements, and in preparation for auditing.

Quality Assurance

From project launch to lessons learned

More than talented people, we offer a comprehensive process. For project launch, that means ensuring the project team is in place, briefed and equipped for the job ahead. And, when the work is done, we look to learn lessons and drive continuous improvement with a fully managed exit – paving the way for the next project.